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Welcome to my SiteLite. Perfectly Lite Online Marketing Solutions

Are you feeling a little lost? Are you weighed down by marketing investments that just don't cut it? Perhaps it's time you lighten up and discover a fit, end-to-end marketing solution that's a perfect fit for your unique business. Learn More

What We Do And How We Do It

  • Our Solutions
    How my SiteLite is just a little different - How we can help

    We love to build unique solutions that drive business, and we're pretty darn good at it. 99% of our solutions include a website solution to start - then the fun begins...

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  • Spotlight Clients and Projects
    Exciting projects that span the spectrum - Our Favorite Projects

    "Multi-value" sounds like business jargon but it's what we do. We provide solutions that help you reach your goals. Are websites involved? Usually. But a pretty website will only get you so far.

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